Shefali Jariwala revealed, had received so much money for 'Kaanta Laga' Song

Shefali Jariwala revealed, had received so much money for 'Kaanta Laga' Song

Actress Shefali Jariwala recently revealed in an interview that she had received so much money for the song 'Kanta Laga Song'.

Actress Shefali Jariwala, who was seen in Bigg Boss 13 and is known as the 'L Thorn Laga Geet' girl, is still known as her superhit song. However, Shefali Jariwala disappeared after the song 'L Thorn Laga' became famous. After that she did not appear on screen for long. Now recently, actress Shefali Jariwala has made several revelations about her superhit song and she has also told how much money she got for singing 'Kaanta Laga'.

Shefali Jariwala told the Times of India in an interview that her family, especially her father actress, was not happy about going into the film industry. The actress revealed, "While I was in college, I belong to a family where more attention is given to education, then my parents asked me to focus on my studies, but I call it Wanted to do it because I was getting paid for it. I was getting 7 thousand rupees for this song and I wanted to see myself on TV. "

Actress Shefali Jariwala Instagram also revealed that they first celebrated their mother, then the two together prepared Papa for the song. After which Shefali Jariwala appeared in the remix version of 'Kaanta Laga' Song. Shefali Jariwala continued in the interview, "And the song became a big hit, it was like a fairy tale for me. It had completely changed my life."