During treatment, wife Neetu did not leave a moment of Rishi Kapoor's hand, after leaving the actor, he left the actor.

Rishi Kapoor, popularly known as Bollywood's chocolate actor, was cremated yesterday.

Rishi Kapoor, popularly known as Bollywood's chocolate actor, was cremated yesterday. Neetu, standing near the crowd of 25 people, was crying and bidding them a final farewell, and remembering every part she started crying. During that time, family members took office.

Rishi Kapoor finally left the world at the age of 67 after fighting a long battle of cancer. Rishi Kapoor's health deteriorated suddenly due to the presence of Sir H. H. of South Mumbai for the last one week. N. Reliance Foundation was undergoing treatment at the hospital. And then later he was hospitalized.

The sage came to know about this dangerous disease two years ago. After which he went to the US for treatment in September 2018. After a full screening in the US, the news of his cancer came on 3 October 2018. Which rocked the entire family with this actor. But even after this, he did not give up and started trying to fix himself. While living here, cancer treatment began.

Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and family support

When Rishi Kapoor was fighting this disease amidst a deadly disease like cancer, his wife was seen supporting him like Chhaya. He neither left Rishi Kapoor's side nor his hand for a moment. Seen with him in every moment. Neetu Kapoor did not stay away from Rishi Kapoor for even a day.

Along with this, Ranbir Kapoor also took great care of his son and took care of his father and the whole family. Ranbir Kapoor lived anywhere during his work or shooting, he used to come directly to meet Papa Rishi Kapoor when he got a day off.

Continually active on social media

To keep Rishi Kapoor out of his illness, Neetu used to share pictures of Rishi Kapoor through social media. During treatment, several celebs came to New York to meet him and know his condition, which Neetu and Rishi Kapoor shared on social media every day.

11 months and 11 days in hospital

Rishi Kapoor spent 11 months and 11 days in the American Cancer Hospital. After such a long treatment, when Rishi Kapoor returned to India to take the hand of his wife Neetu Kapoor, Rishi was very relaxed with fans and family. But how long that relaxed was for them, perhaps they were sad about it. That is why he kept smiling all the time.
Film work

Rishi Kapoor completed the French film 'The Body' released in 2012 after returning from New York. However, the film failed at the box office.