Why Yo Yo Honey Singh doesn't want to sing on Corona Virus

Why Yo Yo Honey Singh doesn't want to sing on Corona Virus

Yo Yo Honey Singh dont want to make any song on Coronavirus Yo Yo Honey Singh wants to avoid making a song on the corona virus. ...

Singers and musicians are seen swinging heavily on songs. Pop sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh is busy making chart busting songs after making a comeback after taking a break from music. While during the outbreak of the corona virus, many musicians have composed songs to spread awareness. Whether it is Salman Khan's Pyaar Corona, or the rap song Jeet Jaya Jaya Bharat, all have attempted to spread awareness on the epidemic through music.

However, Yo Yo Honey Singh avoids doing so.

He said, 'I am not just a rapper, I am an entertainer. I am a pop artist who mixes hip hop with pop. I try to make music that makes everyone happy. There are a lot of current topics that I think should be spoken about. But then I think people listen to my music to feel happy. They want to listen to music so that they are happy, and they dance and sing. This is why I do not make music on serious subjects. I make songs to make people happy. '

He added, 'The youth of the country and social media have always inspired him. I make music for the youth and I am happy that they love my work. 'Significantly, Yo Yo Honey Singh has a different identity. His songs are often viral on social media. His songs get millions of views. Apart from this, Yo Yo Honey Singh is also known for giving a different feel to his songs. are doing

Yo Yo Honey Singh has also composed songs for several films. Apart from this, he also tries to make the video of the song awesome so that people like the song more.