Tindey Review: Dating of Ada Sharma and Rajesh Sharma

Tindey Review: Dating of Ada Sharma and Rajesh Sharma

  • Digital Review: Tinde (short film)
  • Artists: Ada Sharma, Ashwini Kalsekar, Rajesh Sharma etc.
  • Director: Seema Desai
  • Producer: Parag Desai and Sejal Kaushik
  • Rating: ****

Dating apps could not be of any use during the Corona era, but the relationships that are being formed at the moment are sure to be tested after the Corona period. The wire of the story of director Seema Desai's film Tinde is also related to the dating app itself. This is a comic story. The story itself is sharp, bubbly and quite interesting. And, it is also a pleasure to watch this short film.

Two things are necessary for any short film to hold onto the audience. One is the beginning of the film's intention to be clear and the other its actors alike to maintain this performance to the end. Tinde fulfills both of these criteria. The story is of a Babu Kranti of 40-year-old Arate Parate who is troubled by the clutches of his wife throughout the day. Together, the office tells him about the dating app Tinde, and this is what he finds as a fickle, fickle, and Molly, who leaves an impression on her first visit to Chitwan. But, Molly is not what she looks like. What their real agenda is is the thrill of this story.

From the point of view of the actors, the film is of Rajesh Sharma and Ada Sharma. The acting of Rajesh Sharma is natural. Among the artists of the new Jamaat, Rajesh has carved out a distinct identity and there are very few actors who have gradually created a distinct fan category. Ada Sharma is amazing. His performance in front of the camera is nothing short of a miracle. His acting shows a different freshness every time. Ada Sharma is an actress in Hindi cinema who is capable of doing everything from shooting to dance and martial arts. Perhaps, the absence of a group heroine does not make them big films, but big directors should go ahead and recognize this talent.

Seema Desai has done a great job with her technical team. The cinematography of the film has been highly appreciated and the editing is also very agile and attentive. The 20-minute film Tinde has received both accolades and awards at this year's Filmfare Awards. Now the film is also available for public release on the platforms of its original makers.