The Great Khali sweats in the gym on Karthik Aryan's Corona Rap Song

The Great Khali sweats in the gym on Karthik Aryan's Corona Rap Song

This gym video of The Great Khali is getting viral on social media. In this video, he is doing a workout on the rap song of Kartik Aaryan.

Karthik Aryan has impressed everyone in the country with the signature steps of his songs. This year, he explained to us the importance of social distance with his rap and monologue #CoronaStopKaroNa. But who knew that this rap would serve as the inspiration for the workout for The Great Khali. The world famous wrestler Khali is known for his huge body and his muscles. The legendary wrestler recently shared a video on his Ticketcock profile, where he is seen doing weight lifting at his home. But what makes this video extraordinary is the music playing in Karthik Aryan's internet-breaking corona stop Caro Na Rap. Who knew that rape would be used for some serious workout sessions.

Wrestlers cannot skip their workouts and so they are doing workouts at home and rap khalis are suitable. Well what can we say, Karthik Aryan's songs, dance moves, monologues and raps have all influenced us. Role models also use this wrap in workouts and are saying to keep the corona at home. Another move by Karthik Aryan, who is trending on social media and is in discussion across the country, is his new hit YouTube series Koki Kohega.

Under this series, Karthik is interviewing Aryan Corona fighters. Karthik is continuously spreading awareness about this global epidemic. PM Modi has also praised the awareness campaign ranging from the #CoronaStopKaroNa monologue to his rap. Not only this, Karthik has also donated an amount of 1 crore to the PM Care Relief Fund to fight this epidemic.