Radhika Madan revealed - had to take contraceptive medicine in the shoot before her career

Radhika Madan revealed - 

Radhika revealed the shocking disclosure that Radhika had to take contraceptive pill (contraceptive pill) in the first shoot of her career.  During this time, his father had seen him.

Actress Radhika Madan, who entered Bollywood after television, made several big revelations about her career in her latest interview.  Radhika made a place in the hearts of fans through the television show 'Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi'.  After this, Radhika appeared on the big screen for the first time from Vishal Bhardwaj's film 'Patakha'.  However, Radhika says that her Bollywood debut film 'Mard ko dil se achi' is because Radhika had finished shooting before 'Pathak'.

 In this interview given to Mumbai Mirror, Radhika revealed shockingly that in the first shoot of her career, Radhika had to take a contraceptive pill (contraceptive pill).  Radhika said, "In the first shot I had to buy a contraceptive pill. It was fun because my parents came to me from Delhi to surprise me. In such a situation my father found it very strange."

 Talking about her father's reaction to this, Radhika said, "Papa was feeling what he would tell people now who would ask me about my shoot. I thought shooting my first shot  After that we will praise and appreciate it, but nothing. That is what happened at that time. "

 Radhika told about her debut that she had a dream to make her debut in Bollywood.  However, after doing the film 'Dard Ko Dard Nahin Hai', his attitude towards the film industry has changed much later.  Radhika said, "The man does not feel pain 'changed my perspective and the credit goes to Vishan sir (the man does not feel pain) and Vishal sir (director of Cracker)."

 Radhika said, "I auditioned for Radhika soon after the man's schedule didn't hurt. After the second schedule, when I was in Goa, I got a call from Vishal sir asking him to meet me the next day. He told me  gave."  Script In such a situation, I rehearsed at the airport and went straight to my office.  Here he said only two things to me after the audition - Motopa and Tan.

 Let us tell you that Radhika appeared in Madan Bhagyashree's Bedi with Abhimanyu Dasani in 'Mard ko dard nahin gaya'.  It was released on very few screens.  In such a situation, the film could not do anything special at the box office.