Now this photo from Suhana Khan's film The Gray Part of Blue went viral, see photos

Now this photo from Suhana Khan's film The Gray Part of Blue went viral, see photo

Suhana Khan Short Film The Gray Part Of Blue Suhana Khan started her film career with the film The Gray Part of Blue.

Film actress Suhana Khan could not stop laughing during the shooting of her short film 'The Gray Part of Blue'. His age-old photos during the lockout are becoming fiercely viral. Suhana Khan has recently acted in a short film. Through which he started his acting career. The film was titled 'The Gray Part of Blue'.

Which was written and directed by Theodore Gimeno. A new series of photos and videos recently shared by Jimeno has attracted everyone's attention on Instagram, where Suhana can be seen smiling.
During the shoot, Suhana seems to be having a good time with her co-star and crew. Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is already famous on social media. Even though she has not set her foot in Bollywood, Suhana already has a huge fan following for being a star kid, but after making her social media account official, fans have become very close to her world and have Has made everyone more excited.

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Gimeno has shared some pictures of Suhana and lead Robin Gonnella and you can also see a short clip, which is a BTS video where we can see Suhana trying to cope with her dialogue, But her co-star is getting upset. That's how they laugh. He seems to have had a lot of fun during the shooting of this short film. In the video, she can be seen joking with her co-cast and crew. Suhana Khan is the daughter of Shahrukh Khan and she wants to work in films.