Netflix Extraction Review: By Pankaj Shukla Chris Hemsworth Randeep Hudda Rudraksh Jaiswal Priyanshu

Netflix Extraction Review: By Pankaj Shukla Chris Hemsworth Randeep Hudda Rudraksh Jaiswal Priyanshu

  • Film Review: Extraction
  • Artists: Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, Rudraksh Jaiswal, Priyanshu Panuli, Pankaj Tripathi etc.
  • Director: Sam Hargev
  • OTT: Netflix
  • Rating: ** 1/2

Anyone who comes to work in cinema feels that his ultimate goal is the director's chair. Sam Hergev, who worked with the Russo Brothers as stunt director, has also served as Captain America as Chris Evans' body double in the Avengers series of films. And not only that, his brother Daniel has also been associated with the Avengers series from the beginning and if you have seen the Avengers Endgame, the scene of the new and old Captain America Combat scene is shown on screen by these two brothers.

This story is because the main point of the film extraction is the double battle of Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda, about 10 minutes. It also takes the action sequences of untold scene extraction to a new height and in the promotion of the film the story of this scene is repeatedly told that there is nothing special to tell in the film. In one scene, Pankaj Tripathi becomes the mafia kingpin of India, whose son Ovi is raised by his rival from Bangladesh. Tyler Rack, hired to take this child out of the clutches of criminals, reaches Dhaka and heaps a pile of corpses.

The film is a film of extraction guns, helicopters, vehicles and human explosions from beginning to end. Some of Mithun Chakraborty's films that gave the audience a special voice and whistle in the cinema hall apart from clapping and whistling. It used to be a fixed formula for making films for the Chavanni audience and the Russo Brothers used the same formula as producers in their films.

The film Extraction is a film by Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda in terms of acting. Both have bumped each other, they have also clashed. And, the characters of both are weak, just because of the film's script. Both are in love with their sons. Tyler's son has died of an illness. Saju asks his son to take care of the mother while talking on the phone for the last time. The film has another son, Ovi, both engaged in extraction. Had these three emotional tracks been better, the film could have been even better, but even after directing so many films of the Marvel series, Russo could not awaken the emotions while writing the screenplay. Thankfully, Rudraksha's acting is good, otherwise the couple scenes trying to steal the feelings of Chris and Rudraksh also go in vain.

The film lacks emotion and is full of action. When the corpses start counting, you have to sit with a copy and a pen. It is also difficult to count the songs of the Hindi films of the 90s, which are played on the streets of Bangladesh in between fight scenes. Priyanshu Panuli has become the mafia leader of Bangladesh. This mafia don who lives like a prince does not enter the field himself, just makes the entire capital Mahabharata. People who play the movie Extraction Pubg will like it because the film's protagonist is doing the same here, just here, bullets are fired on the streets of a city and the fictional folk of the story keep trying to make it real. The film has also been released in Indian languages. The level of dubbing here is not the same as the Marvel series movies, but on mobile, the Corona era is just right for Time Pass.