Irrfan Khan's wife Sutapa Sikdar's post went viral, wrote - I have not lost I have gained

Sutapa Sikdar, the wife of Irrfan Khan, wrote a post on Thursday, which has a lot of reactions ..

Bollywood's famous actor Irrfan Khan died on Wednesday. This news put the entire film industry in a bind. All the actors are saddened by the death of Irrfan Khan, as well as praying for the actor's family. The news of Irrfan Khan's death brought condolences from all over the world including India. Many actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salam Khan, Akshay Kumar expressed grief over his death and called it a major loss. Irrfan Khan's wife Sutapa Sikdar wrote a post on Thursday, which is getting a lot of responses.

Sutapa Sikdar wrote on the demise of Irrfan Khan, "I have not lost, I have achieved in every way." This verse of Sutapa Sikdar shows his self-power. Users are giving a lot of reaction to their posts. Recently, Sutapa Sikdar wrote a post in which he called Irrfan Khan a fighter. He wrote in the post: 'My best friend and my partner is a warrior. He is fighting every trouble with grace and beauty. "

Explain that in the year 2018, Irfan Khan came to know that he is suffering from neuroendocrine tumor. Irfan Khan also went to London to treat the disease and returned to India after nearly a year of treatment. Actor Irrfan Khan stayed away from Bollywood for a long time due to his treatment. However, after a healthy return from London, he made a comeback to Bollywood and also shot for the English medium. Irfan Khan was buried the previous day in Versova's cemetery. Due to the lockdown, only 20 people were able to attend his last farewell.