Irfan Khan also did AC of Rajesh Khanna's house as AC mechanic in the days of struggle

Irfan Khan also did AC of Rajesh Khanna's house as AC mechanic in the days of struggle

Irrfan khan repaired AC of superstar Rajesh Khanna house: Irrfan Khan worked as an air conditioner repair man in Mumbai.

Film actor Irrfan Khan breathed his last at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. Irrfan Khan has also repaired the air conditioner of the film actor Rajesh Khanna's house. In fact, Irrfan Khan coincidentally became an actor. He wanted to become a cricketer but was rejected by his parents.

Subsequently, as if with a stroke of luck, he was encouraged to attend NSD (National School of Drama) and received a scholarship. He was doing his MA in Jaipur at that time. He lied about the experience of taking admission in theater school.

When Irfan Khan arrived in Mumbai, he worked as an air conditioner repairman. One of the first houses he visited to repair the air conditioner was also the home of superstar Rajesh Khanna.

He was from a family of landlords. His mother was a calm and spiritual woman and his father traded tires and loved hunting in the jungle. Irrfan Khan loved to eat non-vegetarians and hunted non-vegetarians, but his father used to tease him by saying that he was a Brahmin born in a Pathan family.
Her role was cut due to her tall stature in Irrfan's first Bollywood film Salaam Bombay. He was offered a lead role in the Hollywood film Interstellar but turned it down because he would have to live in the USA for four months while he dated the film Lunch Box and D-Day. Irrfan has appeared in more than 5 Hollywood films including The Amazing Spiderman, Life of Pi, Inferno and most recently The Jurassic Park.

Bollywood is shocked by the departure of Irrfan Khan. He acted in several successful films.