Girlfriend Chor Web Series 2020 Season 1 Download On MX Player

Girlfriend Chor 2020 Season 1 MX Player Hindi Web Series Download 

  • Stars: Mayur Mor, Shishir Sharma, Deeksha Juneja, Himani Sharma, Kushagra Dua and Sonali Ganesh
  • Direction: Girish Jotwani
  • Release date: 17 April 2020
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
  • Languages: Hindi

The Dice Creator Network is taking away the MX - exclusive series of Girlfriend Choir as a limited box that gives you access to the first three episodes of the series as well as a special bonus episode. Girlfriend Chor Web Series Download

The series revolves around Akash (played by Kota Factory Mayur and others), who again tries his best to escape the "friend zone". After falling prey to unrequited love, 25-year-old Akash decides to turn himself into a villain to win back his girl. Even though the idea of ​​having a girlfriend is sufficiently amusing, it strikes me that it is too much. Girlfriend Chor Download
Before proposing to Akash, NEHA has already found a new friend (VISHAL) and is on the road to recovery, and his life is on the rocks.

Akash's father (MOHAN, a teacher) learns about it and has to behave himself in a family reunion to resolve the emergency. 

Akash and his mother (SUNAINA) oppose Mohan's crazy plan to meet RITU at a party, a lively girl who loves Vishal. Frustrated by her son's passive dating approach, she suggests that they become friends and break up. s father (MOHAN, another teacher) learns about it and holds a family meeting to resolve the emergency.
Akash and his mother (SUNAINA) oppose Mohan's crazy plan to meet RITU at a party, a lively girl who loves Vishal. Disappointed by her son's passive dating approach, she suggests that they become friends and become separated. Neha, who had been fingering for some time, is now separated and has become friends with the charming Vishala. The new couple split, but only after heated debate between the two. Girlfriend Chor web series download

But before proposing to Akash, NEHA is on the road to recovery and has already found a new friend in VISHAL. Vishal and the band are friends, but when he sees her patterns often, his father Mohan decides to intervene. With Akash's mother Ritu and Vishal's friend, they decide to take on the difficult task of getting the complicated love class in order. Meanwhile, however, Vishal's band disband and his life begins to falter while RITU and Neha reunite with their friends.

You can even play the lead in many different roles, such as the title role and many other roles in the film. Girlfriend Chor Movie Download

As the story progresses, Akash tries to guess if he has changed his luck. Someone tells Sunaina that it may be bad karma that affects the child, and she is one of only women whose girlfriend declared him a boy at the time.

Mohan becomes uncertain when he meets newcomers between him and Sunaina, and when Akash wants to leave the plan, he tells her the secret. Mohan goes to attend her with his college boyfriend, but he forces her to meet Rajiv and apologizes for everything he did to her. Girlfriend Chor Web Series Download

We follow Akash, Mayur and others who struggle to win over their friend Neha (Himani Sharma), who finds a new lease of life in the very attractive Vishal (Kushagra Dua). But what happens if they do it again and decide to put up a fight between the zones to win over the girl? We throw our hats off to the college boy Mayur (more), who is back in this friend zone and decides to play the role of villain and turns girlfriend Choir into a win-win. Girlfriend Chor Movie Download

The five-episode series, which takes us through the various storylines that Akash uses to win over Neha, is a fun ride. We should add that we are very excited about the release of Girlfriend Choir, and we hope you too!
Some are working on a lot of coupling and related content, including small things like various filtercopy videos, so their story and twist will confidently resonate with our audience. We were so excited to make a show for the couple that we made a big part of the show's plot around the boy who is thrown out of the zone by the girl he loves a girlfriend.

Rarely do we see such good-for-two shoes and fight to steal a girl, but our hero Akash (Mayur Peacock) crushes Neha (Himani Sharma) on the back of Vishal (Kushagra Dua) Does this for The entire theft plan is advised by his friends Ritu (Deeksha Juneja) and Shishir (who plays his father), who advise him on his plan.
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Girlfriend Chor Web Series All Episodes:
  • Episode 1 (Tod Do) – 25-year-old AAKASH is too late! Aakash’s life goes for a toss – before he can propose to her.
  • Episode 2 (Boyfriend Chor) – Mohan confidently coaches the friend-zoned duo on how to create trouble for the new couple.
  • 3 (Golmaal) – Aakash’s parents fake their marriage anniversary as an excuse to invite Neha and Vishal home for dinner.
  • 4 (Karma Is A Bitch) – Lovelorn, Aakash and Ritu get drunk at night. They sit outside Ritu’s apartment while the lovebirds are inside.
  • 5 (Girlfriend Chor) – Sunaina forces Mohan to meet Rajeev and apologize for what they did to him. She feels it will lift the bad karma that is affecting her boys. (Karenjit Kaur)

Girlfriend Chor 2020 Season 1

  • Digital Review: Girlfriend Chor (Web Series)
  • Artists: Mayur Mor, Deeksh Juneja, Himani Sharma, Kushagra Dua, Sonali Sachdev and Shishya Sharma.
  • Writer, Director: Girish Jotwani
  • OTT: MX Player
  • Rating: ***

This Corona season is the perfect series to watch a bi watch (see all episodes of a series together) Girlfriend Thief. It is the TVF Marka series of MX players in the era of Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot Select and G5. TVF has created a niche in the web space by keeping its content simple and intuitive. The beloved thief likely escaped from the same location as Escape Velocity and fell into the pocket creator of the Dice Creator Network. TVF's Kota factory Mayur Mor is also here. Girlfriend Chor Movie download
If the series is of only five episodes, it quickly kicks off. Together its dialogues are such that they do not allow boredom. But before that the dialogue understands the story. Akash loves Neha. Neha has a breakup and before Akash can tell her about his heart, he gives his heart to Vishal. Ritu has a crush on Vishal. So in this rectangular love story, Akash's parents work to read the verses of Ishq. Both have old experience of such situations and Akash's father is also a master.

Writer, director Girish Jotwani has pacified every character in this story. The actors playing him in front of the camera are also very good. Look at the sample, when the younger brother is explaining to the older brother, "Papa man is good, but the teacher is not that good, don't listen too much." Or Akash wants to tell his mind to Ritu, but is unable to say, "Ritu was a syllabus of your words, it never happened outside the syllabus." Or Akash's mom's ex-boyfriend pulling his X after meeting after years, "You've seen me with doom and doom and I've seen love with it. You won't mind. Girlfriend Chor Web Series Download
So like another dialogue of the series, it is necessary to be happy staying at home, what is going on is not necessary, it is because no other face is known in this series other than Shishir Sharma. But the amazing work that these new faces have done is commendable. As a lover with a broken heart, Mayur Mor has performed wonderfully. His facial expressions and speaking style are exactly the same as trying to stop a raging storm in a teenager's heart. And his equal support has been given by Deeksha Juneja in the role of Ritu. Those looking for new talent should look into these. In terms of acting, the expressions of initiation are superior to Ananya, Jahnavi and Parineeti. Kushagra and Himani have also done a good job but he seems to be repeating himself again and again.

Sonali Sachdev loves to speak Marathi and is particularly worth speaking to Ashish Vidyarthi's Sunayana (although the MX player is free OTT but the time is worth it). Now the rest of Shishir Sharma, then Shishir who mostly appears on the big screen with a shiny face, is here in the role of a very cool daddy. Today's teenagers want a daddy who can drink beer and heals the broken heart. Shishir's work is excellent here. Girlfriend Chor movie Download

In terms of technique, the series is a bit weak. Would have been nice if the song played at the end of each episode would have been a little more melody. Camarower is correct but in editing either the director could not tell or the editor could not understand the cut. A major mistake is also that of continuity. The glass from which more than half of the juice is being drunk through the huge straw, the half-filled glass reappears in the next cut. The technicians seem to have sung solo songs and the first season was set until a chance to sing solo duets. Will wait for the second season.