Four More Shots Please! Season 2 Complete Series Leaked Online By 9xmovies Tamilrockers

Four More Shots Please! Season 2 Complete Series Leaked Online By 9xmovies Tamilrockers

Latest Hindi Series Four More Shots Please Season 2 Hit Online 17 April Only Amazon Prime Video, where people can watch 4 more Shots Please Season 2. Popular prime video for movie and TV show streaming platforms. It is a romantic drama funny web series based on the story of a very interesting girl where a group of girls have a lot of fun during their young lives. Four more shots please! The first season of the web series, released years ago, was based on a romantic drama story. Now four more shots please! Season 2 four more shots ready for release on Amazon Prime please! Now Season One comes with the original cast.

Four More Shots Please Download

Now this time they make fun and TV web series full of drama, girls drama, family issues, relationship issues, fun, funny friends, love and more. First "4 more shots please!" The season has a total of 10 episodes and hopefully season 1 comes with more. Season 1 lead actress Sayani Gupta returned for her amazing hot role Damini Rizvi Roy. Other leading actresses Manvi Gagru, Kirti Kulhari, Amrita Puri and she also return for their important roles. Four more shots please! The 2020 season 2 is planned to hit online on April 17 on the Amazon Prime video platform. The series is available only in Amazon and released in the official Hindi languageFour More Shots Please season 2 Download

Leaked: "Four more shots please! 2020 season 2 all episodes 480p 720p download"

Four more shots please! Season 2 is the latest victim of pirated download website 9xmovies & Tamilrockers. A few hours later, Amazon Prime released Four More Shots! Season 2 first episode to start leaking web series online for download or streaming on online pirated website. Four more shots please! Season 2 full episode 480p 720p download 9xmovis available. They also allow four more shots to be seen! All episodes in season 2 HD. Download Four More Shots Please
Tamilrockers also upload four more shots please! Season 2 all episodes 480p 720p to download for free on TamilRockers. Other pirated websites 8xmovies, 9xmovie, Filmywap, DOwnloadhub, Movierulz, KatmovieHD, Khatrmazafull, etc. also upload four more shots please! Season 2 hindi download 720p 480p free. The latest released Netflix web series Money Heist Season 4 480p 720p also leaked online for download on the 9xmovies Downloadbub website. Download Four More Shots Please season 2

Four More Shots Please! Season 2  Review

  • Artists: Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti Ax, Manvi Gagru, Lisa Ray, Milind Soman, Neil Bhupalam, Prateek Babbar, Simon Singh, Amrita Puri, Sapna Pabbi..etc.
  • Producer: Rangita Pritish Nandi
  • Director: Nupur Asthana
  • OTT: Prime Video
  • Rating: **

Say the drinking house or even further, how is the girl from the rich house? Before anyone else can answer this, let us see Prime Video's more famous web series of videos for more shots, please! Who's going to make a second season? Prime Video considers it a successful series made by its women. From its producer to its writer, its director and even one of its three cinematographers is a woman. So it should be assumed that whatever is shown in this series, it must be happening somewhere in India. Even if half the percentage of the population of 130 crores is right and these people also play clap and thali. So let's understand what are these four pegs of vodka?

Where the story of the previous season of Four More Shots was abandoned, the story of this season is a replay of the previous season before moving forward. This means that even its makers do not trust their story that people will remember the story of its previous season. Hey brother, if this is the sequel to the hit series, let the younger audience understand which wire was left. But no, all these people are next to the audience. At every turn, they believe by telling an old story. The end of the story opens this time in Istanbul. Whereupon three engraved, qualified and so-called elite girls arrive to save her on a phone call from Sid. If you've caught your head on this logic of the first episode of the series, then watching the series is going to be too heavy for you, as even half of the first episode of the series is not finished yet. Four More Shots Please 2 Download

Pritish Nandi's company has created this series. Rangita's name comes as the producer of this series. But the thing to understand is that now was the period when producers of Hindi cinema who saw the first film in America were fooling the Indian audience. Everyone says Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and ET's connection means a lot but now with 2020, people in Korana's Lockdown 2.0 can't be influenced by Xerox copy of Sex and the City and Little Woman. After watching this series, I am now starting to look like a classic Veere the Wedding.

Damini Rizvi Roy's book, Anjana Menon's dilemma of fulfilling her self-made life with a younger man, Umang's struggle to overcome her broken relationship with her gay lover Samara, and her inner path to accomplishment Due to inferiority, there is a habit of the mouth here. . But, with whom does this not happen? But, is the identity of the upper class girl that she can solve all the problems of life by drowning in alcohol and sex. Once it happens twice, it makes sense, but when the girl makes a habit of it, her feelings are not real. no at all. Whenever life brings you to your mind, this land looks better than the moon, we still exist in such a romantic world that people on the street call the moon the world. Download Four More Shots Please season 2 
Those who make the second season of Four More Shots please understand that life is not the name of wearing 24-hour designer clothes. And, the web series is also not Ekta Kapoor's Daily Soap. It is also not a name for lipstick to look darker in every scene, nor is it a name in every other thing for friends to say 'Guy' and 'Man' to mix life. Every method of women's rebellion was neither accomplished by abusing men nor they were targeted by their intrigues. Four more shots, please! Director Nupur leaves all four of his main characters as caricatures and the series kills his soul.

Anjana can win by acting better than the boss who comments on everything, what does she need to leave the office when she is a lawyer herself. He treats his colleagues like Damini, even though no one is in charge of the desk anymore. And, she writes a book on the murder of Judge Damodaran. The literary festival drama weakens him here. Umang and Siddhi's characters also failed to flourish. Four More Shots Please season 2 Download
Such a bad series on Prime Video is probably the first of this year. After watching the best series such as Special Ops on Hotstar, Asura on Voot Select, Sis State on G5 and Panchayat on Prime Video, Begum, one of the first MX players, was disappointed, now even more disappointed than four shots Do because Prime Video Shop is more. If their dishefade, then there is the misery of wasting time, the pain arises as to which Indian country they are talking about?


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