Aryan's friend had told Shahrukh Khan 'fat', so King Khan made six pack abs

Aryan's friend had told Shahrukh Khan 'fat', so King Khan made six pack abs

Shah Rukh Khan revealed in the interview how Aryan was beaten up by a girl for being 'fat', however, the actor later pacified Aryan Khan by making 6 pack abs.

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, rules the hearts of people with his acting and romantic style. Shah Rukh Khan did many such romantic films in the 90s, whose craze still speaks to the fans. Although Shahrukh Khan never made 6 packs, everyone was surprised to see the 6 pack of King of Romance in his 2007 film 'Om Shanti Om'. Shahrukh Khan's 6 pack abs were second to none but his elder son Aryan Khan, the actor revealed this in an interview.

Shah Rukh Khan appeared in 'Koffee with Karan' in 2007. He revealed that Aryan was the biggest hand behind making 6 packs. Now in the interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed, "Aryan was 9 years old and was very sad when his father was called 'fat' by a girl and Aryan Khan had a quarrel with that little girl. Shah Rukh Khan said , "My son thought I was fat and he beat up a girl for that. At first the girl abused me, Aryan did not react. "

Shah Rukh Khan continued, "Then that girl said that I look very dirty in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', even Aryan didn't react and kept control of himself. Finally when he said that your father Fat, Aryan kicked that girl. " Aryan was angry but he said that Papa is not that girl's fault, it is your fault, 'Why are you?' You don't look bad, so I don't get angry. You look quite handsome in KBC. You are a cool dad, but you are fat. "After 'Om Shanti Om', Shah Rukh Khan's abs were also seen in the film." happy New Year'.