Ajay Devgan made 'Thahar Ja' song on Coronavirus, released on YouTube Video

Ajay Devgan made 'Thahar Ja' song on Coronavirus, released on YouTube Video

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn (Ajay Devgn) has released the song 'Thahar Ja' on Coronavirus, the video of the song is becoming very viral on the internet.

Due to coronavirus in the country where the lockout continues. At the same time, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan's song 'Rukh Jaa (Thar Jaa)' has been released on Coronavirus. Through this song, actor Ajay Devgan is trying to spread awareness among people and at the same time advising people to stay in their homes. Let me tell you that, currently actor Ajay Devgan (Ajay Devgan Twitter) is locked in the house with his family and following the lockdown, so this song of Ajay Devgan entertains people and spread awareness among them Used to be.

Sharing a video of his song 'Thar Jaa' on his Twitter handle, Ajay Devgan wrote, "Stop and pray. We will face this storm together. Stay safe, be happy". "Stop" for yourself. This song of Ajay Devgan is very much liked by the fans. While Mehul Vyas has lent his voice for this song, Anil Verma has penned the lyrics of the song.

At the same time, coronavirus is spreading its foot in India. The death toll from Kovid-19 in the country reached 775. According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday, 775 people have died due to coronovirus in India, while the number of infected cases has increased to 24,506. At the same time, 1429 new cases of corona have been reported in the last 24 hours and 57 people have died.