'Netflix Party' can come closer to the people amidst the threat of Corona, thus reducing the distance from the loved ones

'Netflix Party' can come closer to the people amidst the threat of Corona, thus reducing the distance from the loved ones

At this time almost the whole world is struggling with a virus, which has forced people to stay away from each other.  The social fabric has deteriorated to prevent the spread of corona virus.  People are locked in homes, it has become a compulsion to lose contact with friends, family relatives and people from outside world, but if you are a Netflix user, you can reduce the distance from your friends and relatives.

 The OTT platform Netflix is ​​famous all over the world.  Before the threat of Corona, people used to enjoy movies and web shows together.  Now a special extension has come on the Chrome browser, after installing, you can watch Netflix shows and movies with whomever you want.  At a time when there are locks in the cinema hall, this extension can be of great use for fans of films.

 What are the facilities?

 With this extension of Chrome browser, you will be able to watch movies and web shows in groups.  They also met someone, that is, virtually.  This extension also has a chat facility so that you can share your thoughts.  Can also upload screenshots.  Will be able to use emoji and jiff as well.  However, let us tell you that this extension named Netflix Party does not come with a subscription to Netflix.  You have to take it carved.

 How will it work?

 To use it, you need to go to Netflixparty.com from your PC or Mac through your Chrome browser and install its extension.  After this, you have to open the website of Netflix and select any movie or web show that you want to watch.

 You have to create a party here.  To create a party, you have to click on the 'NP' icon written in red.  According to the developers, this will be next to the address bar.  After this, you have to click on 'Start Party' to start the party.  After this, the party URL has to be sent to its friends.  Now anyone who clicks on your invite link will automatically be connected to this Netflix party.  The special thing is that this Netflix party is absolutely free.

 What are we waiting for.  You should also use it and contribute to prevent the corona virus from spreading.

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