Like celebs, their dog-cat is also a celebrity on Instagram, followers will be surprised to know

You may have noticed that often Bollywood celebs upload pictures with their pets.  Now people have started recognizing their dog or cat and they are also well liked.  The special thing is that the stars also have an Instagram account of these pets, where their pictures are shared.  At the same time, there are thousands of followers of these accounts.  In such a situation, you know who are the pets of the stars and how many followers are there on their Instagram account ...

 Dianna Chopra

 This actress is the dog of Priyanka Chopra, who also has an Instagram account.  More than 200 pictures have been shared on Diana's account and this account has about 1.5 lakh followers.

Bailey and Sia Abraham

 It is a member of the house of John Abraham.  His pictures also go viral on social media and it has more than 15 thousand followers.  John Abraham also shares many photographs with him.  Recently, a photo has been shared with Dogi's sanitizer and mask regarding coronavirus on this account.

Bella jasmine

 Actress Disha Patni has 4 pets, including two dogs and two cats.  Their names are Bela, Jasmini, Goku and Keeti.  Together these four have created an Instagram account, which has more than 21 thousand followers.  At the same time, many photos are shared on it.


 It is the doggie of Raveena Tandon, named Lucifer.  It also has an account on Instagram, which has more than a thousand followers.

Edward Bhatt

 Alia Bhatt's cat is named Edward Bhatt.  Alia Bhatt often shares her photos with her on her Instagram account.  Its followers are not much, but many photographs of Edward are shared on it.

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