Karthik Aryan played the plate during the public curfew, said - this is magic

Karthik Aryan played the plate during the public curfew

During the Janata curfew on the appeal of PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi), people shouted plates, applause, pot and shellfish for five minutes across the country.  Bollywood stars participated in this upbringing.  During this time, pictures and videos are becoming very viral on social media.  A photo of Karthik Aryan is becoming very viral on social media, in which he is seen participating in this campaign against coronovirus.  Karthik Aryan described the campaign as supernatural and magic in relation to coronovirus.

 Karthik Aryan tweeted this campaign during the Janata curfew and wrote, 'Tali, thali bajao'.  It is supernatural.  it's magic.  Come together and tear off the roof with energy.  Now salute the selfless heroes.  Thank you, Narendra Modi sir, for bringing all the countrymen together.  In this way, he has contributed to this campaign about coronoviruses.

 Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India.  Total cases of coronavirus have reached about 341.  There have been six deaths due to coronavirus in the country.  In this way, the government has also started emphasizing precautionary measures.