Dilip Kumar kept in isolation due to Coronavirus, tweeted

Dilip Kumar kept in isolation due to Coronavirus, tweeted - Saira did not leave any chance ...

Coronavirus is being seen all over the world.  Recently, Bollywood veteran actor Dilip Kumar has tweeted about coronavirus, which is becoming very viral on social media.  Dilip Kumar said in his tweet that he has been kept isolated due to coronavirus.  This tweet of Dilip Kumar has made a lot of headlines on social media, as well as people are commenting fiercely on his tweet.  Let us know that this disease, which started from China, has slowly spread all over the world.  Constant Bollywood actors are also seen active on social media regarding Coronavirus.

 Dilip Kumar tweeted on Coronavirus saying, "I have been completely isolated due to coronavirus. Saira Bano is not leaving any such opportunity to ensure that  I have not had any infection. "  In this way, Dilip Kumar did not say that his wife and Bollywood veteran actress Saira Banu is taking full care of him.  Let us know that the health of 97-year-old Dilip Kumar has been bad for a

I appeal to all of you to protect yourself and others by staying indoors as much as possible.

The transcends all boundaries and borders.

Follow guidelines issued by health departments, protect yourself and others by limiting your exposure to others.
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 Apart from telling about his health, Dilip Kumar made another tweet, in which he also advised people to keep themselves safe.  He tweeted, "I appeal to you guys to protect yourself and others as much as possible by keeping yourself in. Coronavirus has crossed all limits. Provided by Health Department  Follow the information, protect yourself and others while limiting yourself. "  Explain that due to coronavirus, all schools, cinemas and pubs in Delhi have been closed till 31 March.

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