Coronavirus: Dinky Preity Zinta champagne mother during isolation

Coronavirus: Dinky Preity Zinta champagne mother during isolation

Actress Preity Zinta is in precautionary isolation these days due to outbreak of Corona virus.  He has given information about this by posting on social media.  Preity shared the information by sharing a video on social media.  In this video, he can be seen flailing his mother's head.  This video of Preity is becoming quite viral on social media.

 Corona virus is spreading in the country continuously.  The Indian government has declared Corona a national disaster.  At the same time, the World Health Organization has called it an epidemic.  Bollywood also suffers from corona.

 Many film stars have set themselves apart to protect themselves from Corona.  At the same time, many celebrities are making them aware about it through social media.  Recently Preity Zinta shared a video from her Instagram account.  In the video, he can be seen flailing his mother's head.

 Apart from sharing the video, actress Preity Zinta said that she has been in isolation for the last 8 days.  He says that during this time there is a need to keep your mind cool.  So she has champagne on her mother's head.  She says that we can strengthen our relationships by staying at home.  They say that over time the corona will also be gone.  With this, she is seen talking to her fans to be safe.

 Explain that amid the rising outbreak of Corona virus, people have been banned from entering the church in the capital Delhi and Mumbai.  The temple administration has taken this decision to prevent the mob from growing.

 The central government and state governments are constantly issuing new guidelines to avoid congestion.  The number of corona virus-infected patients in India is steadily increasing.

 There have been 166 reported cases of corona virus in the country.  These people include 141 indigenous and 25 foreigners.  A maximum of 45 people in Maharashtra are infected with this deadly virus.

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