Bollywood actor targeted Farah Khan, said- he has done Shahrukh Khan's career ...

Bollywood actor targeted Farah Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the emperor of Bollywood, is away from films these days but there is a buzz that he can sign a film soon.  Now Bollywood actor and producer Kamal R Khan has recently made a tweet about Shahrukh Khan, which is in great headlines.  In his tweet, he held Farah Khan responsible for ruining the career of Shah Rukh Khan.  This tweet by Kamal R Khan is becoming very viral.  Users are reacting fiercely to this tweet.

Kamaal R Khan wrote: "Self-proclaimed director Farah Khan is responsible for ruining the career of Shah Rukh Khan. He spoiled his career with his worst film Happy New Year".  And unfortunately Shah Rukh Khan is still doing bad films like Dilwale, Fan, Raees, Zero. "  Kamal R Khan thus targeted Farah Khan in his tweet with Shah Rukh Khan.

Please tell that Kamaal R Khan is very active on social media.  Kamal R Khan aka KRK, who entered Bollywood from the film 'Deshrohi', also made a lot of headlines in the TV reality show 'Bigg Boss 3'.  Apart from this, Kamal R Khan often presents his opinion on current affairs on social media.  In addition, he also conducts a survey and review of Bollywood films.  The special thing is that Kamal R Khan's tweet is also very viral.

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