American economist targeted PM Modi for clapping and playing the plate

When the American economist targeted PM Modi on clapping and playing the plate, Bollywood director said - no one claimed ...

To fight coronovirus on Sunday, the whole of India played applause at the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 5 pm in honor of those fighting the epidemic.  This move by PM Modi (PM Modi) also saw unity in the public.  At five o'clock, all men came out of their homes and played claps, thali, drums and bells for fighters fighting the deadly virus (Kovid 19).  However, now American economist Professor Steve Hank (Prof. Steve Hank) has strongly targeted PM Narendra Modi on this.  Bollywood director Krishna DK has also given the answer.

 Steve Hank (Prof. Steve Hanke) wrote of PM Modi's public curfew, "beating the pot on coronovirus is a good response. But Prithvi says to Modi, no, not that" Science and logic should be a guide.  .  Not baseless rhetoric.  "Reacting to Professor Steve Hank's tweet, Bollywood director Krishna DK wrote," It has now become a different level of misinformation.  "

 Krishna DK further wrote, "It is a harmless act of solidarity, let it be. Nobody claimed that it is the cure for anything."  People are commenting a lot on this tweet of Krishna DK and giving their feedback.  Let me tell you, Krishna DK has directed films like 'The Family Man', 'Happy Ending' and 'Shor: In the City'.