Akshay Kumar said - People are imposing home quarantine, going to weddings and parties,

Coronavirus: Akshay Kumar said - what is the mentality that people are going to the weddings and parties, implying the home quarantine

India has also been hit by the corona virus spreading almost all over the world.  Currently 223 people in the country are Corona virus positive, who are undergoing treatment.  It has grown rapidly in India in the last few days.  One big reason behind this is the negligence of the people.  Some people sent in home quarantine are not following the government order.  Unhappy with this, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has spoken through a video.

 Akshay Kumar said that home quarantine is being stamped at the airport with the hands of people returning from India after holidaying abroad, yet some people are going to other states of the country for weddings rather than staying at home.  , Going to crowded places and partying.  Akshay has asked what is this thinking?  What kind of mindset?  After all, don't you understand?

 Akshay Kumar further added in the video, "Bhaisab-Behenji Corona virus is not on leave. It is running very loudly. He is in the forefront of this race. But the race is yet to come. We cannot win. Huh."

 Akshay said that this will be the first such race in the world, in which the stopping runner will win.  Not only will he win himself, everyone else will also win.  He said that in this race, everyone will win or they will lose together.

 Akshay has appealed to BMC not to insult the tag.  He said that it was a matter of few weeks, then everything would be like before.  Finally, he said that someone had thoughtfully said that if there is life, there is a world.  Think and understand

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