After Coronavirus, Box Office Clash will increase concern of film industry, content will be heavy on everyone

After Coronavirus, Box Office Clash will increase concern of film industry, content will be heavy on everyone

Coronavirus Outbreak: Due to Corona virus, where the film industry is currently undergoing a loss.  At the same time, filmmakers have started worrying about the loss in the coming time.  In the film industry, the impact of the corona virus outbreak can be seen for a long time.  The reason for this is the advancement of the release date of films and then the risk of loss due to the clash of big films at the box office.

 Talking about this loss in the industry, trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​said, "The film industry will have to face this loss for a long time.  The way the release of all shoots and films has been postponed across the country.  Because of this, when the effect of this virus will reduce, there will be a different type of chaos in the cine world.

 Taran Ardash also spoke on the reason behind the circumstances.  He told that we only have 52 Fridays in a year.  Out of which 11 have passed Friday and some more Fridays will pass in fear of Corona.  According to this, manufacturers will have only 25-30 Fridays.  Now in this situation there is bound to be a clash of films at the box office.

 Race will start in filmmakers

 Taran Adarsh ​​said, "After the virus is over, there will be a competition between the stars and the production house to release their films."  The impact of this race will surely be seen at the box office as well.  It will be a challenge not only to release your film in front of the filmmakers but also to bring the audience to the theater.  Just as at this time, fear and panic have been seen in people about Corona.  It will take time for this situation to become normal and people will be comfortable going to a crowded place.

 There will be loss at the box office

 Usually, when any two films are released at the box office, both films have to face 15 to 20 percent loss.  But in these conditions the percentage of loss will increase even more.  Taran Adarsh ​​said, "No filmmaker wants to release two big films simultaneously."  Often when a big star's big budget film is released at the box office, no filmmaker wants to release his film for two weeks.  But in these conditions it is very difficult to manage this gap.  The impact of this virus will be seen not only this year but by the early months of 2021.

 Content will be the hero

 Now, when the box office will be seen so much hit on the release of films, then the audience will have a lot of options.  In such a situation, it will be a golden time for the audience in terms of content.  Taran Adarsh ​​said, "There will be a time in which only content will speak."  Movies of big stars can also be seen doing poorly at the box office.  It is not that the charm of the stars will end, but yes it will definitely have an impact.  One reason for this would be the audience having more options.  If the content of the film is not good then it will be difficult for them to perform at the box office.

 Although the release date of many films coming to the box office has not been set yet, but the buzz of box office clash has started in the industry.  Now it has to be seen how the industry will be able to overcome the shadow of the clash after Corona virus.

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